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LETRASET portraits


   In a unique application of this technique I have invented, I build details of the portraits from a compilation of words, phrases, numbers and symbols. A magnifying glass is available so that the details from which the portraits are constructed (D.O.B., name and other details specific to the person) can be read.

Words and symbols, as constituent elements of the portrait, continuously radiate out personal information and harmoniously influence self-image on many levels. Depicting hidden inner form and not just physical traits, the portrait serves as a soul mirror as well.

Experience shows that, through the power of resonance, wellbeing and success are attracted into life.




                   “Enduring artistic quest, eagerness for creative expression and my living ambience inspired choice of motives, techniques and colouring in my works. Mixed media and Letraset are distinctive reflection of my beliefs. They represent logistic differentiation of external appearance through which the inner spirit is epitomized”.

                                                                                                                 Ivana Babic MFA


 I have graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Singidunum University – Belgrade and got an MFA degree at the Academy of Art in Bosnia and Hercegovina, a member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia) since 2006. I was a leader of an art workshop named” Painting with scissors” and have been cooperating with “Belgrade design week 2” with a partnership project. I used many different techniques: oil painting, collage, special kinds of graphic prints, Letraset, glass painting, monumental painting, mosaic, sculpture, design, iconography, photography, drawing and jewellery. Exhibited in 27 solo (Chelsea Gallery London) and participated in over 100 group exhibitions (Israel, Hungary…). My work has been recognized and awarded in Serbia as well as internationally (first reward for drawing in Niksic, Montenegro 2007). I am an artist and art therapist. As an art therapist, I am conducting courses in English on the method I have created called the IVA method. 


Mixed media art


      I am fond of combining different media in my artistic expression. By composing different elements in one organic art form, I explore the dynamics of line, surface, colour and material. I infract the drawing into the collage and then, patiently and in a controlled way, I transform it into the painting. The paintings impose a new impression – of other techniques and materials – which facilitates in a different way an expression of the author’s spirit.


Colour book of life COURSE


"The Intuitive Visual Art (IVA) method is a Method Of Some Drawing And Lots Of Colouring. I have created it to reflect my experience of some of the principles and practices of the W.I.L.L. System for Life Development into an art form. This method has many different drawing and colouring techniques that will be presented in my book coming soon. In the Colour Book of Life course, I will teach you some of the foundational“ techniques proven to give quick but sustainable results in problem-solving and personal growth.“

                                                                                                 Author Iva Mosdaloc 


This course consists of one-on-one sessions customised for your specific individual needs. It is created for both beginners and for attendees of previous IVA Method courses. Even if you don't know how to draw, you will learn it in an easy and fun way while exploring and correcting imbalances and blockages within yourself. Those who already practice art will go to the next level through learning a new way of artistic self-expression and self-development.


Intuitive drawing with one-on-one direct guidance detects and corrects personality issues obstructing success in all areas of life. What you will work on is optional. Reading your initial drawing serves as a tool for me to diagnose and recommend areas for you to work on. We can work on one or more issues. You can also choose the issues yourself and I will select appropriate techniques.


- Develop the talents and qualities of a highly creative person

We tend to concentrate on our dominant quality throughout our life. That quality does not ask for active attention. There are dormant qualities in us, that when developed, give us more choices in life and enrich our creativity.

- Find out where your focus actually is and where to direct it

There are 12 main life areas. We may overfocus on some areas and neglect others. When we expand our focus on neglected life areas we facilitate progress in desired areas. For example, we can be over-concentrated on our career. What we may not see is that having more fun and entertainment can activate our creativity and align us with success. Or, like in a Hollywood romantic comedy film, the protagonist is totally dedicated to his career, neglecting having love and family in his life. The employee’s family life is highly valued in his company.  It all comes to a head when his CEO obliges him to attend a function accompanied by his partner. Long story short: he finds someone to pretend to be his partner to attend the event, turns out they fall in love and he also gets his promotion.  In this way, expanded focus accelerates success in the desired area.

- Develop awareness of emotional life

Whether you work on yourself or not, you are often unaware of how much your emotions influence your life. You will explore the control that your emotions exert in your life and how to root out triggers of negative emotional reactions.

- Find out if your red lines are false and limiting

In order to have orientation in chaotic situations, we define a set of rules and directions. We say ’This is the red line that I will not cross’. Sometimes our red lines are not put there by wisdom to protect us from mistakes, but from fears that limit the expression of our potential. The IVA Method shows what a red line is useful for and what it is limiting, where we cross it and in what direction.

- Make new neural connections in the brain to have insight and clarity about solutions to many situations that confuse and block us

Sometimes days, or even months, can pass before a solution to a problem can be found. When we see the solution, it usually seems so simple and obvious that we wonder how we couldn't see it before. As we think about the problem, we often fall into a thought loop, and are not able to think outside of it. The Intuitive Visual Art Method creates new neural connections in the brain to minimise the time to come to that "a-ha" moment.


The duration of the course is four weeks, one session per week. You can choose a day and time for your one-hour session in each of the four weeks. You will have a corrective colouring homework after each session that I will read and explain in the next session.

Course fee: 498 GBP (596 EUR)


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Answer this email and book your place before March 3rd and save 190 GBP (227 EUR)! You will get this amazing course customised for you for just 308 GBP (369 EUR)and you can even pay in two equal instalments!

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The Intuitive Visual Art (IVA) method has many different drawing and colouring techniques that will be presented in my book „Colour book of life“, coming soon


Ivana Babic

Artist and art therapist



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